Tuesday, 9 June 2009



SAF = Sir Alex Ferguson SAM = Sound & Music {Arts Council = ACE}
SAS = Scandinavian Airlines System or Sparse Airline Service [newly coined after my flights to and from Copenhagen 10/09]
SAT = Schedule All Times – related to advice on when to schedule broadcast trails {courtesy of Channel 4 Compliance}
SBC = Sacha Baron Cohen {courtesy of Mayo & Kermode}, cousin of ABC = Ashley Baron Cohen
SBM = Secure By Mastercard
SCD = Strictly Come Dancing
SCG = Sydney Cricket Ground (where the 2010-11 Ashes in Oz victory was secured 5.i.11)
SDS = Students for a Democratic Society - 60s US activist group {My Promised Land, A. Shavit}
SEO = Search Engine Optimization
SFA = Scottish Football Association (fighting an uphill struggle)
SFC = Southern Fried Chicken
SFW = Safe For Work i.e no nudity or stuff that might get you in trouble {courtesy of sometimes NSFW Zoe Margolis}
SWA = Site Wide Applications, after first 4 years of development became WCL {courtesy Channel 4 New Media}
SWF = Screenwriters' Festival (sponsored by 4Talent)
SLT = Science Lecture Theatre (Haberdashers' Aske's School, Elstree)
SMR = Social Media Room for Embarrassing Bodies: Live at the Clinic Series 2 (May 2012) {courtesy of Alex Hryniewicz, Maverick TV}
SNF = Sunday Night Football of the NFL variety
SNL = Saturday Night Live
SNS = Social Network Service/Site {courtesy of Matt Locke}

--> SoC = systems on a chip {mobile VR 12/16}SPV = Special Purpose Vehicle - meaning a not-for-profit organisation {courtesy of Caroline Norbury of South-West Screen} + Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle {Captain Scarlet}
SoS = Secretary of State
SPA = Snooker Players' Association
SPG = Special Patrol Group (who killed Blair Peach it was confirmed on 27.4.10 after 30 years' cover-up)
SPT = Sony Pictures Television
SIO = Senior Investigating Officer (UK police)
SIS = Secret Intelligence Service (UK WW2 = MI6)
SIV = Special Investment Vehicle {mentioned on Radio 4 by Niall Ferguson, Harvard Professor of History and presenter of the Channel 4 series Empire} + Simian Immunodeficiency Virus {courtesy of Chris & Xand van Tulleken, the Medicine Men}
SSG = Sausage Sandwich Game (Danny Baker)
SSO = Single Sign On {BBC - courtesy of Azka Malik}
SSI = Single Sign In {Channel 4 - courtesy of Azka Malik}
SPD = Space Patrol Delta {courtesy of Finlay Gee, age 5}
= Software License Agreement {Apple Software Update}
= Service Level Agreement
= Symbionese Liberation Army {Patti Smith, Hey Joe}
= Science Lecture Theatre {unearthed by renowned archaeologist Nick Golson}
= Speech & Language Therapy {courtesy of Fairley House School}
SDM = Sustainable Defence Mechanism {courtesy of Practical Psychologist from UNFCCC, the UN Climate Change agency}
SID = Sound Inner Dialogue {courtesy of Practical Psychologist and his Assertiveness training know-how} + Seismic Intruder Device {courtesy of Sebasian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming in Devil May Care aka DMC}
SIS = Secret Intelligence Service aka MI6
SOE = Special Operations Executive {courtesy of Les Femmes de l'Ombre/Female Agents} + Society of Operations Engineers [professional engineering membership organisation promoting career development in road transport, plant engineering or engineer surveying, and light on gorgeous French actresses]
STB = Set-top Box
STD = Section Defense Territoire {On Her Majesty's Secret Service} French secret service in the 60s
STS = Short Term Solution {courtesy of Daily Networker}
SFT = Students for a Free Tibet (who unfurled banners near the Olympic stadium in Beijing today 6.8.08 )
SRE = Sex and Relationship Education
SJP = Sarah Jessica Parker, creator of the scent SJP NYC
SFO = Serious Fraud Office (which today decided not to investigate TV phone-in scandals at the BBC and ITV)
SRE = Sex and Relationships Education (much in the news in the wake of Sexperience X.09 )
SOW = Scheme of Work
SHH = Special Half Hour (Richard Bacon show on BBC Radio 5, refers to 12.30-01.00)
SOP = Standard Operating Procedure (Billy Boyle by James Benn)
SDP = Social, Domestic and Pleasure only (car insurance jargon) + Social Democratic Party + Society of Decorative Painters + Session Description Protocol
SOB = Son of a Bitch
STV = Single Transferable Vote - the form of Proportional Representation favoured by the Lib-Dems (this entry is to mark the Lib-Dems entering the UK Cabinet on 11.V.10)
SVR = Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki - successor to KGB {Personal - Lee Child}
SWB = Summary of World Broadcasts (BBC monitoring)
SWC = Schedule with care [TV]


TAS = Toxic Anger Syndrome {Anger Management with Jack Nicholson}
TCR = Tottenham Court Road - see NCR
TCS = The Casting Suite
TBH = To Be Honest {Tom Loosemore of 4iP}
TCD = Trinity College, Dublin
TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine (a shop in Muswell Hill)
TDC = Thinly Disguised Contempt {courtesy of Technokitten}
TFP = Time For Prints / Time For Portfolio / Trade For Prints / Trade For Portfolio {courtesy of Not From Concentrate}
TFP aka TOFP = that (other) fucking project {courtesy Mark Sheldon}
TGA = Tate Gallery Archive (A Crisis of Brilliance, David Haycock)
TMF = The Media Festival
TML = Trans Manche Link {courtesy of Practical Psychologist}
= (no, not what you think) Taxi and Limousine Commission {New York City}
= Touch Look Check (Breast cancer awareness)
TLV = Total Liquid Ventilation {The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown} (breathable liquid or Get Out of Jail plot card)
TSB = Technology Strategy Board {offspring of another TLA, the DTI, which is now an FLA}
TLD = Top Level Domain
TLR = Two-legged Rat [commonly used on doctors' notes to indicate experimental/extreme treatment - from The Guardian: Medical Shorthand 8.2.08]
TNA = Total Non-stop Action
TNC = Transitional National Council, a variant of National Transitional Council still used on the BBC, for example, in the first days after the liberation of Tripoli (Libya 22.viii.11)
TOD = Time of Death {Michael Connelly}
TOGs = Terry's Old Geezers & Gals {Terry Wogan on BBC Radio 2}
TSE = Testicular Self-examination (thanks for the leaflet Una, TS Eliot must be turning in his grave)
TSG = Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (EU food designation - formerly CSE)
TBH = To be honest {courtesy of Cowbite - "less pompous than imho" ihho}
TPT = Tara Palmer-Tomkinson [how many people are TLAs?]
TBL = Tim Berners Lee {courtesy of Stuart Cosgrove}
TBI = Traumatic Brain Injury {courtesy of Gary Trudeau as he addresses the issue of Iraq}
TLA = Three Letter Acronym + Teacher Learning Academy + Thomas Lord Audley school, Essex
= The National Archive {courtesy of October Films & Illumina Digital}
= Thermal Neutron Analysis (airport security) {John Updike, Rabbit at Rest}
TSV = Today's Special Value as seen on QVC {courtesy of LJ Rich via Technokitten}
TBS = Talk Between Ships {Philip Kerr: Hitler's Peace}
TMI = Too Much Information
TAC = The Archaeology Channel
TST = Traveller Support Team {courtesy of Siren's Cry}
THR = The Hollywood Reporter {courtesy of THR spam}
TLR = The Learning Revolution {courtesy of WEA}
TMO - Test Match Official {courtesy of Practical Psychologist}
TCG = Tir Chonaill Gaels (GAA Gaelic football club in London)
TYM = Test Your Memory (new Altzheimer's screening test from Addenbrookes hospital, Cambridge - 6/09)
TOD = Time of Death {The Killing}
TOGs = Terry's Old Geezers/Gits (Terry Wogan show on Radio 2)
TOS = Tide of Shit {courtesy of Lloyd Shepherd and RDH = Richard Davidson-Houston}
TOV = Tone of voice {courtesy of Airlock}
TPL = Towed Pinger Locator [MH370 mystery crash 24/3/14]
TRG = The Transliteracy Research Group {courtesy of Sue Thomas}
TSE = Thomas Stearns Eliot
TSG = Talent Selection Group - BBC 50s/60s - listen to Auditioning for Auntie (Radio 4 21/10/13)
TWA = Transworld Airlines AKA Teenie-Weenie Airlines (the nickname used by Hitchcock)

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