Wednesday, 10 June 2009

OLAs - Official Latest Additions

[This summary post last updated 31.vii.18]

The best place to leave your suggestions for new TLAs is in the comments to this post.

EIT (CIA dodginess)
LKP (missing aircraft)
PNG (immigration)
PSE (porn meets education)
DMT (drugs)
SAF (football) LOL (Lesbianism)
PDA (Heat mag)
COP (The Beats)
ESM (Europe)
NFC (tech)
HMD (bankers' desperation)
FTM (soccer)
KBO (an attitude to life)
GID (medical)
OBE (facial hair)
MIC & AVB (Chelsea)
EMH (economics, finance)
EBA (Eurozone crisis Nov 2011)
POC (interactive media)
NTC (Libya)
DSK (IMF dodgy geezer)
SCG, MCG (cricket)
WFT, WIT (flexible working)
FBI (female bodies)
KoT (youth)
FPM, CPM (bad language)
WRU, FAW (Welsh sport)
CDA (Francais)
DUI (Mel Gibson)
LOL (Northern Irish politics ...and love)
VBM (property development)
OBR, NHT, IFS (UK politics)
ICO, DPA, DPO (data protection)
2IC (military)
TFP (photography/modelling)
WHL, MoS, RSA (football)
BFD (urban argot)
MBW (friend of Banksy)
ADT (The Beatles)
NIB (journalism/press)
FGM (barbarism)
MNU (District 9)
PBR, IDS, DWP (UK politics)
FAG (Team America)
TLV, EMP, REG, OCR (Dan Brown)
POD (geek speak)
TAS (from the mouth of Jack Nicholson)
ATM (a multifaceted one)
HWC (football again)
FIA + FFF (football & cheating)
CPH (to mark CPH:DOX film festival)
AIC (music)
NCM (relationships)
GDD (video games design)
FLK - courtesy of Dr Dawn Harper of Embarrassing Bodies
HABs - football
GSI (Scotland)
TOS (impolite)
RTG + OIC - from The Wire
G4P - stems from Antony Gormley's One & Other
QBM - 80s haircut
PIC - from Role Models movie
TYM - a break-through in Alzheimer's, improves screening from 50% to over 90%


As well as being on the look out for new TLAs, I'm also starting to collect Neologisms (newly coined words and phrases) which I'm dumping here (again, any you can add to the pot would be gratefully received):

shrinkflation - making products smaller rather than upping the price (7.18)

floordrobe - a bedroom floor where you chuck your clothes

freemale - an independent, modern woman who is happier living a fulfilling single life than actively pursuing romantic relationships

pharming - creating drugs using plants

Neverendum = the 2014 Scottish referendum
Nonsultation = a hollow 'consultation'

wavey = drunk = good
bump = rip off

belfie = a selfie of your bottom
welfie = a work-out selfie
drelfie = a drunken selfie

starchitect = world renowned architect

pregacy = impact of an initiative even before the event (e.g. effects of Commonwealth Games on Glasgow before the event)
predrinks = getting your evening off to a flying start with alcohol round at someone's place

wofty = a waste of fucking time (person) [estate agency]

himbo = a dumb good looking man

YOLO (vb.) = You Only Live Once as in 'he didn't YOLO it' - he didn't go wild

deer hoof = a very obvious camel toe

la-la / hoo-ha = vagina

Grexit = the probable exit of Greece from the Euro (May 2012) - Dramchmageddon = the probable exit of Greece from the Euro (June 2012)
Brexit = the possible exit of the UK from the EU (2016) [it happened today FFS! 24/6/16]
Frexit = the possible exit of France from the EU (24/6/16)

al desko = [eating] at your desk at work

clicktivism = online activism (see Slacktivism below)

sans sausage = female

= the real/off-line world

merch = merchandise (especially at music gigs)

zenployment = fulfilling work, even if the pay's not as good as you may be used to

Riot Wombles = volunteers who help clear up their neighbourhood after rioting/looting (9.viii.11)

Schadenfreudgasm = more 'joy in destruction' than you can handle - courtesy of John Oliver on Jon Stewart

Gliberal = comfortable people's style of being liberal

Ledge veg = food grown on windowsill or balcony

Slacktivism = online activism with no personal effort or real commitment

Hobby bobby - community support officer (William Boyd, Ordinary Thunderstorms)

Crash for cash - insurance scam involving ramming people's car rear ends

Hackney tax - theft of bike {courtesy of Alfie Dennen}

Floordrobe - where teenagers leave their clothes

Tanorexic - obsessed with having a sun tan

Autocutie - a sexy newsreader

Halfologue - one side of a conversation like when you overhear a mobile phonecall on the train

A Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment - as in WTF = What the Fuck?!

Subvertiser - a remixer of advertisements {courtesy of Clifford Singer, creator of and Big Art Project}

Screenager - the generation addicted to web and games

Miaow Miaow - mephedrone, a legal high (for now at least)

Security theatre - giving the appearance of carrying out proper security checks {courtesy of Roger Graef, Films of Record}

Bromance - the development of a deep friendship between two buddies (came across several times in reviews of Judd Apatow's Funny People)

Frenemy - a so-called friend who is not genuinely on your side

Staycation - a vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer AKA Holistay

Go To player - the player you have to get the ball to for success (Matt Dawson referring to the magnificent BOD [Brian O'Driscoll] ( Radio 4)

Flipping - changing the designation of your primary home for fraudulent purposes

Polypill - cocktail of 5 non-patent drugs to counter heart disease (30/31.3.09 reporting of article in medical journal)

Virtual reality financial products - the labyrinthine 'products' that brought about the Credit Crunch (31.3.09 Rowan Williams on BBC Radio 4)

to preg up - to get pregnant (Jen Topping's friend who loves One Born Every Minute)

Picture credit:
FAS at SFU (Faculty of Applied Sciences at Simon Fraser University, Canada)

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  1. From Douglas Miller

    A few to add: STR (Suspicion Transaction Report); LOB (Line of Business); HFT (High Frequency Trading). From the world of European Financial Regulation (EFR?). More to follow.
    BTW(!) I didn't see LBW for Leg Before Wicket there?
    EIB - European Investment Bank.
    NCB - National Central Banks; NBP (National Bank of Poland); AMF (Authorité des Marchés Financiers); CNB (Czech National Bank); NBB (National Bank of Belgium); FSA (Financial Services Authority).
    EBA (European Banking Authority).