Tuesday, 9 June 2009



FAD = Fish Aggregation Device - see Hugh's Fish Fight / www.fishfight.net
FAG = Film Actors Guild (Team America)
FAI = Football Association of Ireland
FAS = Funeral Arbitration Scheme
FAW = Football Association of Wales
FBE = Foundation for the Built Environment - Prince Charles's outfit that opposes architecture like Richard Roger's plans for Chelsea Barracks
FBI = Female Body Inspector (The Other Guys)
FCO = Foreign & Commonwealth Office
FCP = Final Cut Pro
FDA = Food & Drug Administration
FECs = Foreign Exchange Coupons (Berlin 1940s/50s) {The One from The Other} FFF = Fédération Française de Football - the friggin feckin fuckers who cheated the FAI out of their place at the World Cup finals 2010 (Nov 2009)
FFS = for fuck’s sake
FGM = Female genital mutilation
FoI = Freedom of Information
FLO = Family Liaison Officer
FOB = Forward Operating Base {Kevin Powers, The Yellow Birds}
= Friends of Carlotta
= Father of the Chapel (Trade Union)
FOL = Fuck Our Lives
FOP = Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva - a condition where your body slowly freezes/hardens
FML = Fuck My Life not to be confused with FME = FremantleMedia Enterprises
FMV = Full motion video {courtesy of Alice Taylor}
FDR = Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FEP = Future England Player {courtesy of practicalpsychologist}
FHS = Fairley House School
FLK = Funny Looking Kid (doctors' notes term) {courtesy of Dr Dawn Harper of Embarrassing Bodies}
FPM = Fucks per minute (film/tv curse count) cf CPM {courtesy of The Word podcast}
FRO = fuck right off (as in “I’m going to FRO now” rather than as a term of abuse - courtesy of Cowbite)
FSA = Free Syrian Army
FTM = Fuck the Mags [Grayson Perry encounters it in In the Best Possible Taste - working class]
FTW = For The Win (geeks, courtesy of Mike Butcher, TechCrunch) + Fuck The World (bikers) + Forever Two Wheels (motorcycle enthusiasts)
FPA = Funeral Planning Authority
= Football Supporters' Assocation
= Financial Services Authority
= Food Standards Agency
= Farm Security Administration {Greil Marcus, Like a Rolling Stone}


G4P = Gormley 4th Plinth {courtesy of Jiblite and the Antony Gormley Flickr Group}
G4S = the arsists formerly known as Group Four Security, poster boys of Private Sector Outsourcing (massive fail on London 2012 Olympics)
GAP = Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (Paterfamilias - Jane Kramer)
GBB = Gun Before Butter (Nicholas Freeling)
GHS = Gormley HimSelf
= Greater London Council
= Global Learning Commons {Open, David Price}
GNH = Gross National Happiness
GSM = Global System for Mobile communications {courtesy of Alfie Dennen}
GED = Gand Enforcement Detail {Michael Connelly}
GEH = Gormley Event Horizon {courtesy of Billy Liar}
GCT = Grand Central Terminal {courtesy of Bronx Elf}
GDD = Game Design Document (courtesy of Simon at Littleloud}
GHQ = General Headquarters
GIB = Government Investigation Bureau {Zac Power}
GID = Gender Identity Disorder
= Greater Toronto Area {encountered by chance in the Facebook Group 'Single Muslims looking for their Soulmate in the GTA'}
= Grand Theft Auto
GOK = God Only Knows [commonly used on doctors' notes - from The Guardian: Medical Shorthand 8.2.08]
GBS = George Bernard Shaw
GDC = Game Developers Conference
GFE = Girl Friend Experience
GBH = Grievous Bodily Harm + Godalming Borough Hall
GLF = Gay Liberation Front
GMR = Greater Manchester Radio
GNR = Guns N' Roses (also GN'R)
GPF = Global Protection Force (Jack Stalwart books by Elizabeth Singer Hunt, current favourite of Enfant Terrible #2 - see GIB)
GPS = global positioning system
GQT = Gardeners' Question Time - an oasis of peace on a Sunday afternoon
GSE = Grapefruit Seeds Extract {courtesy of Denise on Medicine Chest}
GSS = Google Site Search
GSI = Great Scottish Invention (one I've coined at the Edinburgh Festival 2009)
GTOs = Girls Together Outrageously = an acapella girl group from the Los Angeles area, specifically the Sunset Strip scene
GWM = Googling While Muslim {Kamila Shamsie, Home Fire}
GYO = Grow Your Own (came across thanks to my Landshare project with River Cottage)
GBF = Gay Best Friend ("every girl's gotta have one") {courtesy of Kate Quilton}


HABs = Husbands & Boyfriends - male equivalent of WAGs {Nicky Campbell discussing European Women's Soccer Championship on BBC Radio 5}
HBC = Helena Bonham Carter {courtesy of Mayo & Kermode}
HMG = His Majesty's Government (Evelyn Waugh, Scoop)
HRD = Human Resource Development {courtesy of Practical Psychologist}
HEI = Higher Education Institution
HFS = Holy Fucking Shit (synthetic drug in 21 Jump Street)
HoF = House of Fraser (as in "I'm nipping out to HOF") {courtesy of Alma Demirdzic & Lizzy Keene}
HLC = Hideous Lady's Cardigan {Nationwide TV ad}
HLF = Hadditon Literary Festival (Stephen Frear's Tamara Drewe - the HLF was shot in Muswell Hill Bookshop)
HMD = Hold My Dick {courtesy of Bob Diamond's daughter}
HMG = Her/His Majesty's Government
HMU = Hit Me Up {courtesy of @Tim / Tim Bradshaw via @technokitten}
HFR = Horseferry Road
HFW = High frequency words
HOE = Hierarchy of Effects (advertising)
HON = Health on the Net {courtesy of MedicineChest Ltd}HOO = Hazardous Offensive Operations (a status of an army unit) {Evelyn Waugh, Men at Arms}
HTH = hope that helps
HWC = Homeless World Cup {courtesy of Jan Bednarz at Buzz Films}


IAB = Internet Advertisers Bureau (trade association for internet marketeers)
IAG = International Airlines Group (BA + Iberia) - buying BMI in Nov 2011
IAF = Israeli Air Force {My Promised Land, A. Shavit}
IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries {Shimon Peres, No Room for Small Dreams}
IBC = International Broadcast Centre (London Olympics 2012)
= International Documentary Foundation (Prague)
= Israel Defense Forces
ILS = Instrument Landing System (aviation)
IPG = Independent Publishers Guild {Arts Council = ACE}
ISA = Israel State Archives
ISR = In-Situ Recovery (a method of extracting uranium) {courtesy of Adam James Gee of Uranium One in Australia}
ITB = Invitation to Bid {courtesy of the UN via Practical Psychologist}
ITT = Invitation to Tender {courtesy of Mike Flood Page of Illumina Digital}
ICT = (no, not the dull one but) Inverness Caledonian Thistle (the northerly football team)
IBS = Irritable Bowel Syndrome {Embarrassing Illnesses online, Maverick TV} - not to be confused with IDS = Iain Duncan Smith
IOC = International Olympics Committee [to mark the Olympics hand-over 24.8.08 ]
ICO = Information Commissioner's Office
ICU = Intensive Care Unit
IED = Improvised Explosive Device (heard in a recent news report about Afghanistan)
IEP = Individual Education Plan
ICE = US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (The Visitor)
ITT = Initial Teacher Training
IMC = Integrated Marketing Communications (advertising industry)
IMF= International Monetary Fund
= International Media and Film/Internationale Medien und Film GmbH {Slap Her She's French}
= International Maritime Organisation
= In My Opinion
INM = Independent News & Media (owner of the Independent and IoS = Independent on Sunday)
ISA = Intelligent Speed Adaptation (mooted technology for limiting car speeds, in the news 12.08)
ISB = Incredible String Band {Some People Are Crazy, John Munro}
IRD = Information Research Dept. (Foreign Office) {Sweet Tooth}
IRG = Iranian Revolutionary Guards {Michael Connelly}
= In Real Life {courtesy of Mike Butcher of Techcrunch}
= Indy Racing League
= Ireland
IoM = Isle of Man (George Best Airport, Belfast)
= International Criminal Court (who yesterday 3.3.09 issued a warrant for the arrest of Omar al Bashir, President of Sudan who then withdrew the licences to operate of various NGOs in a new Waltz with Bashir)
= International Cricket Council
ITF = Indie Training Fund (where I spoke on Multiplatform interactive media yesterday 3.3.09 at the invitation of MFP [Mike Flood Page of Illumina Digital] but unfortunately my taxi arrived at ITF = International Transport Federation, so a real life example of the dangers inherent in TLAs)
IFB = the Irish Film Board aka Bord Scannan na hÉireann
IFS = Institute of Fiscal Studies (who told the 3 main parties in the UK general election that they had not detailed their planned spending cuts sufficiently for voters to make an informed judgment 27.4.10)
IRS = Internal Revenue Service
IOT = In Our Time (with Melvyn Bragg on BBC Radio 4)
IWM = Imperial War Museum
IZL = Irgun Zvai Le'umi

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