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ABT = American Ballet Theatre (Michelle Obama's favourite arts organisation - if she had Irish antecedents like her husband she could be MOB)
= American Cinema Editors
= Arts Council England
ACR = A Certain Ratio
ACU = Army Combat Uniform - the current battle uniforms worn by the United States Army
ADA = Assistant District Attorney {Richard Price, Lush Life}
ADF = Automatic Direction Finder (aviation) {Judas Country, Gavin Lyall}
ADT = Automatic Double Tracking (a recording technique much used in The Beatles later work, makes instruments and vocals wobble)
AIB = Association for International Broadcasting
AIC = Alice in Chains (band from Seattle) {courtesy of Topfife}
ALW = Adult Learners' Week
AMD = age-related macular degeneration {Embarrassing Bodies}
AMR = Autonomous Machine Reasoning (artificial intelligence aka AI) {The Fear Index by Robert Harris}
AOE = Age of Extremes (a RiceNPeas film directed by Ishmahil Blagrove)
AOI = Automated Optical Inspection - circuit board manufacture {My Promised Land, A. Shavit}
AOR = Album / Adult Oriented Rock
ASC = American Society of Cinematographers
ASM = Assistant Stage Manager {courtesy of Moblogger OJ and the BBC}
AFK = Away From Keyboard {courtesy of Moblogger Puddlepuff}
AFP = Advertiser Funded Programming
ACL = Anterior Cruciate Ligament (which footballers damage just when they are most needed) {courtesy of Paul Chappel}
ATF = Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms {Michael Connelly}
ATL = Above the Line (advertising) {courtesy of Simon Hankin, Holler}
= Automated Transfer Vehicle [launched by the ESA (= European Space Agency) in March 08 bound for the ISS (International Space Station)]
= All-terrain Vehicle {Michael Connelly}
= Appointment to View {courtesy of Hideous Productions}
ADP = Automatic Data Processing
ASD = Autistic Spectrum Disorder {courtesy of Siren's Cry}
AVB = André Villas-Boas, the hapless Chelsea manager
AWS = Amazon Web Services (see 4iP)
APB = All Points Bulletin
APC = Armoured Personnel Carrier {courtesy of a script by Peter Kosminsky}
= Compulsory Advance Passenger Information for the Spanish authorities (required if you are flying from the UK, Republic of Ireland, Switzerland or Morocco to Spain) {courtesy of Ryanscrewthemforeverypennyair}
= Application Programming Interface
APP = Assessing Pupil Progress (another educational assessment initiative)
ARP = Air Raid Precautions
ASU = Arab Socialist Union
AIG - American International Group
AET = After Extra Time (in sad rememberance of Carling Cup Final 1st March 09 in which Spurs lost on penalties AET)
ATA = Added to Agenda {courtesy of PGS}
= Airtime Management (Channel 4)
= Automatic Teller Machine AKA Hole in the wall (banking)
= Army Training Memorandum {Evelyn Waugh, Men at Arms}
= At the moment {courtesy of Alfie}
ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate (in cellular respiration)
AUB = American University in Beirut
AUM = Assets Under Management
AFM = American Film Market
ACR = A Certain Ratio (Factory Records band as seen in 24 Hour Party People)
AWI = Alfred Wegener Institute {M Train, Patti Smith}
AYM = Angry Young Man cf BYM
ABR = Always Be Recording {heavyweight}
ACM = Aluminium Composite Material (building cladding of the kind used in Grenfell Tower)
ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act {Crip Camp}
ADT = Automatic Double Tracking {Revolution - David Quantick}
= Abortion Dream Team (Polish activists)
AGF = Anglo-German Fellowship (Corpus - Rory Clements)
AJC = American-Jewish Committee
ALC = Assault Landing Craft {Officers & Gentlemen}
ALS = Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  AKA MND = motor neurone disease 
AOF Andrews office furniture established 1972
AOH = Ancient Order of Hibernians (Derry)
AST = Administration for Special Tasks (a division of the NKVD) {Corpus, Rory Clements}
ATC = Air Traffic Control
ATR = Americans for Tax Reform (Vice) 


BAS = British Art Show
BBM = Blackberry Messenger
BBQ = barbecue
BDA = Big Dumb Advertisers / Big Dumb Agencies
BDM = Bund Deutscher Madel - League of German Girls - Hitler Youth for the girls
BEE = Brett Easton Ellis, author of LTZ
BEF = British Expeditionary Force (WW2)
BET = Black Entertainment Television {Thomas Chatterton Williams - Losing My Cool}
BFC = British Free Corps (british unit fighting for the nazis)
= British International Pictures (based at Elstree - Hitchcock worked there)
= Brand Information Page (Channel 4 templated microsite)
BIS = Dept. for Business Innovation & Skills (aka Mandelsonia)
BMI = British Midland International soon to be swallowed by IAG
BNC = Bayonet Nut Connector ("y’know, the locking connectors like what you use to join co-ax together") {courtesy of Mat}
BPB = Brighton Photo Biennial
BFD = Big Fucking Deal
BFF = Best Friend Forever {courtesy of Lisa Devaney}
BOF = Beurre Oeufs Fromage [a blackmarketeer in wartime occupied France - read in Murder in the Marais by Carla Black]
BBC = Bucks Boarding Centre {sticker on the tube today 11.1.08}
= British Animation Awards {4mations}
= British Airports Authority
= Bibliotheque d'Art et d'Archeologie (Geneva) which includes the CdE = Cabinet des Estampes
= Bachelor of Applied Arts {Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode's film review}
BRB = be right back
BTL = Bedtime Live
BTP = British Transport Police
BTS = Behind The Scenes {courtesy of Morgan Clark}
BOA = British Olympics Association (to mark this first day of the 2008 Beijing Olympics 08/08/08 )
BEA = British European Airways (BBC Radio 4 1968 Day-by-Day)
BGT = Britain's Got Talent
BoE = Bank of England (to mark the credit crunch meltdown)
BBW = big breasted woman
BYM = Bright Young Woman cf AYM {1960s tabloid among Joan Littlewood's archive}
BYO = bring your own bottle
BIP = Brand Information Page (channel4.com jargon)
BOD = Brian O'Driscoll (in commemoration of Ireland-England 6 Nations international at Croke Park at which BOD scored a telling try and drop goal 28th Feb 09, watched at McKevitt's in Carlingford)
BMC = British Motor Corporation (responsible for creating the Mini whose 50th anniversary was this month Aug 09)
= British Music Experience (launched 3.3.09 by Harvey Goldsmith at the old Millennium Dome)
= Black and Minority Ethnic
BPD = Baltimore Police Department (The Wire)
BPG = Broadcasting Press Guild
BFC = Britain's Forgotten Children, forthcoming season on Channel 4 starting 9.v.09 - not to be confused with BFG = Big Friendly Giant (Roald Dahl) {courtesy of Jodie Morris} or KFC = Kentucky Fried Chicken
BRB = be right back
BSG = Broadband Stakeholders' Group (which I helped establish in 2000)
BSD = Bullshit Detector {courtesy of The Clash - and me}
BSL = British Sign Language {courtesy of OAD Alex Horstmann}
BAJ = British Academy of Jewellery 
BFG = Big Friendly Giant
BGT = Britain’s Got Talent
BID = Business Improvement District (Sunderland)
BOD = Benefit of the Doubt (Kermode & Mayo) 
BOI = Bank of Ireland
BOT = Bank of Torabundo {The Mark & The Void}
BPM = Banca Poplare di Milano
= beats per minute
BSC = British Security Co-ordination (Secret Days Code-breaking in Bletchley Park)
BTM = British Tabulating Machines (related to IBM = International Business Machines)
BTS = Behind the Scenes
BUF = British Union of Fascists
BVA = British Veterinary Association


C4C = Channel 4 Corporation (Digital Britain report)
CAA = Civil Aviation Authority (making a call on the ash cloud 5.10)
CAR = Centre for Appearance Research at UWE (= University of the West of England)
= the Contemporary Art Society (A Crisis of Brilliance, David Haycock)
= the Careers Advice Service
CAT = Computed Axial Tomography (scanning/radiographic technology)
CBO = Cleared By Other Means {Michael Connelly}
CBS = Columbia Broadcasting System
= Cork County Council
= Clapham Community Centre (The London Pigeon Wars, Patrick Neate)
= Central and Eastern Europe (international TV sales territory)
= Creative & Cultural Education
= County Court Judgement [Channel 4 Dispatches 3/14]
= Council of Christians & Jews
CDA = Celles des autres - Other people's ciggies in France "Moi je fume des CDA, ce sont les meilleurs" {courtesy of Marcelino Truong}
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
= The Continental Drift Club {M Train, Patti Smith}
CDW = Collision Damage Waiver (car hire)CEG = the Consumer Expert Group
controlled foreign companies
CFP = Common Fisheries Policy - see its madness at FishFight.net
CGT = capital gains tax (commonly avoided through 'flipping' - see Neologisms)
CHP = combined heat and power [energy industry]
CID = Criminal Investigation Division {Kevin Powers, The Yellow Birds}
CiL = Cover It Live (software)
CLG = Communities and Local Government
CLN = National Liberation Committee (Italy, 1945)
CMF = Canada Media Fund
CMN = Contemporary Music Network {Arts Council = ACE}
CMS = Content Management System
COI = Coordinator of Information (whose office was precursor of CIA) CRR = Contract Rights Renewal (ITV)
CRT = Chemical Response Team {24 season 5}, desperately needed at CTU = Counter-terrorism Unit
CTA = Call to action {courtesy of Adam Preloaded}
CSF = Customer Says Faulty {East Finchley Library - DVDs or CDs}
CSF = Comic Sans FTypingerror / Cerebro-Spinal Fluid {courtesy of Mobloggers Seaneeboy and Hildegard}
CSO = 'a compression method for the ISO image format. It is used to compress dumped PSP (PlayStation Portable) UMD games, and is an alternative to the DAX compression method.' So still no idea what it stands for but that's a good run of TLAs by any standards.
= Comprehensive Spending Review (to mark the Tory axe-wielding of 20 Oct 2010)
= Corporate Social Responsibility
CSU = Crime Scene Unit {The Killing}
CPF= Close Personal Friend {Mojo - used with irony i.e. celebs/musos you don't really know properly but pretend you do}
CPH = Copenhagen [to mark my visit to CPH:DOX documentary film festival, Nov 09]
CPR = Courtesy Professionalism Respect {NYPD}
CPZ = Controlled Parking Zone, a means for local councils to extort money from their residents and visitors
CDO = Collateralized Debt Obligations [what made Goldman Sachs even richer this year - i.e. dumping them]
COD = Call of Duty (game)
= Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy
= Computer-based Training (so if you do an online course you could find yourself doing CBT CBT)
= Cock and Ball Torture {Men Women & Children - Chad Kultgen}
CSF = Cheltenham Science Festival (where we recently filmed Richard Dawkins speaking on Charles Darwin)
COP = Committee on Poetry (a non-profit set up by Allen Ginsberg to fight the Man in his courts, predominantly over freedom of speech)
CPO = Chief Petty Officer
= Cost Per Thousand
= Cunts per minute (film/tv curse count) {courtesy of The Word podcast}
CPU = Central Processing Unit
CRT = Cathode Ray Tube (which provided digital storage for The Baby, the world's first stored-program computer, made in Manchester in 1948)
CIM = Come in Mouth
CPD = (Continuing Professional Development) + Compulsive Price Disclosure [as in 'Oh this top, £5 from Primark' or 'these shoes, £20 in the sale'] {courtesy of Technokitten, she's outdone herself}
CDN = Content Delivery Network {courtesy of Mint Digital} + Cultural Diversity Network
CWU = Communication Workers Union (arch-enemy of Royal Mail)
CYA = Cover Your Arse {courtesy of Andy Parker, Channel 4}
CBL = City Business Library
CBP = Contemporary British Painting
CDG = Charles de Gaulle (airport)
CFS = Cambridge Fabian Society {A Man of Parts}
CIC = Counter-intelligence Corps - forerunner of CIA = Central Intelligence Agency
CIL = Center for Independent Living (Berkeley, CA) {Crip Camp}
CLA = Contract Flooring Association
CMK = Central Milton Keynes (bus)
CNE = Comité National des Ecrivains
COI = Central Office of Information (UK)
CRP = Committee to Reelect the President 
CRS = compagnies republicaines de securite (riot police)
CSL = Chinese Super League (soccer)
CTD = Ceramic Tile Distributors (Edgware & Highgate)
= Circling the Drain (hospital - dying)
CTS = Chasing the Shot
CYO = Catholic Youth Organisation {Born to Run, Bruce memoir} 


DAD = Die Another Day (movie)
DBC = Distressed British Citizen {Eric Ambler, Uncommon Danger}
DEF = Deutsche Emailwarenfabrik - Oskar Schindler's factory in Krakow in which he saved 1,200 people from the Nazis
DCC = Dublin City Council
DHL = DH Lawrence
DLD = Dead-Letter Box {A Colder War, Charles Cumming}
DLC = Downloadable Content {courtesy of Jen Topping}
DMP = Dublin Metropolitan Police {On Canaan's Side, Sebastian Barry}
DMR = Dexy's Midnight Runners
DMT = Dimethyltryptamine (Paterfamilias - Jane Kramer)
DNB = (Oxford) Dictionary of National Biography
DNF = Did Not Finish (running race)
DoD = Department of Defense (US) (Audrey worked for them in 24, season 5)
DOF = Depth of Field {courtesy of Picture This}
DOG = Digital On-screen Graphic [those watermarky things on the corner of on-line video and digital tv channels]
DoP = Director of Photography
DOP = delusions of parasitosis
DoS = Denial of Service (attack on web service)
DPS = Double page spread {courtesy of Claire Badhams, Holler}
DTO = Download to Own {courtesy of Gareth RDF} aka EST = Electronic Sell-Through
= Dubai International Capital [who want to dic about with Liverpool FC]
= Death is Coming [medical term]
= Detective in Charge {Kevin Smith, film director}
DSK = Dominique Strauss-Kahn, ex-boss of IMF = International Monetary Fund
DSS = Dinosaur Space Service [Astrosaurs]
Dgl = Donegal {courtesy of Maura Logue of Ballyshannon}
D2T = Direct to Tribe ["marketingspeak - not 1 to 1, not 1 to many, but 1 to some"] {courtesy of Technokitten}
DCD = Digital Cinema Distribution {courtesy of UK Media Desk}
DRC = "(not so) Democratic Republic of Congo" {courtesy of Practical Psychologist}
DSA = Daily Supplementary Allowance
DPA = Data Protection Act
DPO = Data Protection Officer
DFI = Different Fucking Idea (production crew codeword on TV shoots) {courtesy of Sarah Mulvey, Commissioning Editor, Documentaries, Channel 4}
DIY = Don't Involve Yourself (Roy on The Archers 28Nov08 )
DFP = Documentary Film Program (1/09 the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation and Sundance Film Festival announced a new partnership with the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program to take the innovative documentary pitching forum, the Good Pitch, on the road in North America)
DHC = Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning (BNW = Brave New World - Aldous Huxley)
DHS = Department of Homeland Security
DUI = Driving Under the Influence e.g. Mel Gibson
DVD = Digital Versatile Disc
DWP = Department of Work and Pensions
DBP = Dien Bien Phu (battle in Nam)
DCO = Detainee Custody Officer {Spring, Ali Smith}
DLD = Druggies Losers & Dropouts (local college, Central London)
DDR = Dance Dance Revolution  / ダンスダンスレボリューション / Dansu Dansu Reboryūshon
DHM = Deep Hidden Meaning (Nile Rogers)
DIA = Disabled in Action {Crip Camp}
DID = Dissociative Identity Disorder - see MPF
DKD = Dead Kid Drama (Paul Whitehouse)
DLT = Days Like This (event organisers)
DTT = Digital terrestrial television
DVR = digital video recorder 


EAP = Employee Assistance Programme
EBA = European Banking Authority
ECS = electronic communications service
= East London Printmakers
= Emerson Lake & Palmer
The E.N.D. = The Energy Never Dies (by Black Eyed Peas) {courtesy of Noah}
EOF = End Of File {courtesy of Mat}
EDM = Early Day Motion
EDP = Education Projects {Pirate, heart of the Kafkaesque bureaucracy of Channel 4 commissioning}
EFM = East Finchley Methodist
EHD = Extravascular Disorder (Philip Kerr, The Second Angel)
EiA = Entrepreneurs in Action (Derek Browne's company)
EIA = Environmental Impact Assessment
EIT = Enhanced interrogation techniques (as used by CIA)
ELM = Elaboration Likelihood Model (advertising)
EMH = The Efficient Market Hypothesis {The Fear Index, Robert Harris}
EMP = Electro-magnetic Pulse {The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown; GI Joe comic with Dyl, Paris 14.vii.12}
EAB = Education Advisory Board {courtesy of Channel 4 Education - some lovely peeps involved}
ETB = Embarrassing Teenage Bodies
EPC - Elasto Plastic Concrete {courtesy of Practical Psychologist}
ECM = Editions of Contemporary Music + Every Child Matters
ECB = England & Wales Cricket Board (Wales doesn't get its dubya) + European Central Bank
ESM = European Stability Mechanism (launched 8 Oct 2012 to help save Europe)
ESO = European Southern Observatory
ECT = Eastern Caribbean Time
EST = Eastern Standard Time
EVF = Electronic Viewfinder
EYA = Emerging Young Artists
ECU = Eternal Care Unit (transfer to - hospital - death)
EFL = English Football League
EHS = Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity {Afflicted doc}
EIA = Environmental Impact Assessment 
EIN = European Informatics Network
fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS)
EMB = Empire Marketing Board (John Grierson)
EMF = Electrical Motors Factory (Dordrecht)
ERG = European Research Group (UK politics)
ETA = Elvis Tribute Act 

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