Tuesday, 9 June 2009



OAE = Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
OBE = One Big Eyebrow {John Cooper Clark referring to Martin Scorsese}
OBR = Office of Budget Responsibility (creation of the new ConDem coalition in its first week 17.v.10)
OCR = Optical Character Recognition {The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown} - also the name of a typeface
= Olympic Delivery Authority

--> = Official Development Assistance ODC = Ordinary Decent Criminal
ODI = One Day International (cricket)
OFA = Office for Access (to higher education)
OIC = Officer in Charge (from The Wire 3)
ORT = Oxford Reading Tree {courtesy of Mr O'Shannessy, Our Lady of Muswell School AKA OLM)
OMG = Oh my god!
OMM = Observer Music Monthly
ONS = Office for National Statistics
OOC = Out Of Character {courtesy of Moblogger Puddlepuff}
OoO = Out of Office
OPA = Obscene Publications Act {courtesy of Mark Kermode}
OPM = Other People's Money
OPP = Ordinary People's Party {Pussy, Howard Jacobson}
OBL = Osama Bin Laden (the Osama but not an Osama)
ORT = Organization for Rehabilitation through Training {My Life, Golda Meir}
OSM = The Other Side of Midnight (Tony Wilson)
OSS = Office of Strategic Services [formerly COI = Central Office of Information/office of Coordinator of Information, at the time of FDR - Philip Kerr: Hitler's Peace; precursor of CIA {The One from The Other}] so OSS was COI and became CIA
ODC = Ordinary Decent Crime (as opposed to terrorism - Radio 4 Today 27/9/08 )
OWA = Outlook Web Access (another bit of Microsoft stuff that doesn't work very well)
OWO = Oral Without Condom
ONS = Office for National Statistics to be found at NSO = National Statistics Online (overseen by UKSA)


PAC = Public Accounts Committee
PBL = Project-based Learning
PBR = pre-Budget report
= Pakistan Cricket Board (under fire much of the time for cheating)
Printed Circuit Board {courtesy of Mint/Projecteo}
PCC = Press Complaints Commission
PCT = Pacific Crest Trail {Wild - Cheryl Strayed}
PEP = Politically exposed person
PFJ = People's Front of Judea (not to be confused with Popular Front of Judea {courtesy of Practical Psychologist}
PFR = Fascist Republican Party (Italy, 1940s) {Carte Blanche, Carlo Lucarelli)
PIC = Partner in Crime (from Role Models)
PIN = Personal Identification Number which gives rise to the tautology 'PIN Number'
PIP = Pretty in Pink (the John Hughes movie)
PKB = Patients Know Best
PLA = Palestine Liberation Army
PND = Penalty Notice for Disorder (on the spot fines for minor offences)
PNG = Papua New Guinea [11/3/14 Julia Bishop, Australian Foreign Minister on asylum seeker camps]
POA = Price on Application (on menu of RSJ restaurant, Coin Street SE1 with Dr Dawn Harper of Embarrassing Bodies 14.10.09)
POC = Proof of Concept
POD = Print on Demand
POS = Point of Sale
PPC = Pay per Click [I heard it used by a marketeer this afternoon to mean paid for search on web search engines - when I asked, it took her a good few seconds to remember what the letters actually stood for]
PWD = Public Works Department {courtesy of Empire's Children}
PRB = The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
PRO = Public Records Office
= Professional Standards Bureau aka Internal Affairs {Michael Connelly}
= Public Service Broadcaster (like Channel 4)
PSP = Public Service Publisher (if you're Ofcom, and something more straightforward that fits in your pocket if you're an everyday mortal)
Personal Support Plan (if you're a teacher)
= Please Send Tell (online gaming: send an in-game message) {courtesy of Moblogger Puddlepuff}
= People Spoil Things {Alan Bennett, People - 2/13 National Theatre}
PQQ = Pre-qualification Questionnaire {courtesy of Mike Flood Page of Illumina Digital}
PVT = Public Value Test {BBC}
PDI = previous disco injury ["occurs in persons over 40" - courtesy of Maura Logue]
PDA = Public Display of Affection
PDW = Programme Data Warehouse (Channel 4 IS)
PMQs = Prime Minister's Question Time + Peter Mandelson's Question Time
PWL = Percy Wyndham Lewis (exhibition at the NPG [National Portrait Gallery] 7.09 )
PCA = the Professional Cricketers' Association (trade union for the men in white)
the “Porn-Star Experience
Personal and Social Education
PSG = Paris Saint-Germain (in Il y a longtemps que je t'aime)
PWI = Possession with Intent (to supply) (Richard Price's novel Samaritan)
PHF = Paul Hamlyn Foundation (who I visited recently to explore synergies)
PAD = People’s Alliance for Democracy (Thai "yellow shirt" movement, whose leader was shot yesterday 16.4.09) - not to be confused with Pad Thai = Thai-style fried noodles
PLP = Parliamentary Labour Party
PPC = Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
= Pakistan People's Party (led by Benazir Bhutto until her death)
= Private Patients Plan, now looks like a double TLA as AXA-PPP but in fact isn't (Despite being written in upper case, "AXA" is not an acronym, but was chosen because its name can be pronounced easily by people who speak any language. The company hired an outside consultant to conduct a computer-aided search for a new name. The selection criteria consisted of a short and snappy name to convey vitality, a name that begins with the letter A so that it would appear near the top of all lists, and something that could be pronounced easily in every language.)
PRM = Persons of Reduced Mobility (the people Ryan Air charge extras to)
PTC = Piece to camera
PUS = Permanent Under-Secretary {Munich, Robert Harris}
PYT = Pretty Young Thing (Michael Jackson)


QBM = Quiff bouffant mullet (Nicky Campbell describing his haircut back in the 80s on TOTP vi.09 BBC Radio 5)
QoS = Quantum of Solace or Question of Sport (Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode's film reviews on BBC Radio 5)
QRF = Quick Reaction Force {Kevin Powers, The Yellow Birds}
QVC - see TSV


RAD = Reichsarbeitsdienst / Empire/Reich work service - programme of work and military training for budding young Nazis
RAG = Raise & Give as in 'RAG Week' {courtesy of a student from Barts on the tube iii.10}
RCA = Right Coronary Artery
RCD = Residual Current Device - cuts off electricity supply when your lawnmower goes over the cable
RED = Retired - Extremely Dangerous
REG = Random Event Generators {The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown}
RFC = Royal Flying Corps - precursor of RAF
RGS = Royal Geographical Society {Scoop, Evelyn Waugh}
RHH = Reticuloendothelial System (Philip Kerr, The Second Angel)
RIB = rigid inflatable boat (patrolling the Thames 28.4.10 as a counter-terrorist measure)
RIC = Royal Irish Constabulary (Neil Jordan's Michael Collins)
RIM = Research in Motion (makers of the Blackberry)
RSM = Resident Sergeant Major {courtesy of Practical Psychologist}
RFP = Request for Proposals {courtesy of Alfred in Prague}
RSA = Regional Screen Agency + Royal Society for the Arts + Ridley Scott Associates + Road Safety Authority + Republic of South Africa [to mark the kick-off of the 2010 Football World Cup 11.vi.10]
RFO = Regularly Funded Organisations {courtesy of the Arts Council via Mike Smith of Carbon Media}
RLF = The Royal Literary Fund (benefited from the estate of Rupert Brooke)
RMU = Retail Merchandising Unit {Make Your Mark in the Mall}
RMC = Ready Mix Concrete {courtesy of Practical Psychologist}
ROV = Remotely Operated Vehicle {Futurgasm}
RAF = Rapid Action Force (the men in blue protecting the India vs England cricket test match 12.08)
RPG = Rocket-propelled Grenade {courtesy of the outstanding Waltz with Bashir} + Role-Playing Game {courtesy of Simon Meek of Tern TV}
RBS - Royal Bank of Scotland AKA Right British Swindle/Scandal
ROG - Ronan O’Gara {courtesy of Practical Psychologist}
ROA = Rave on Air (annual event at Ravensbourne College on whose Broadcast Advisory Board I sit)
ROD = Recipe of the Day {courtesy of Zone and 4Food}
= Royal Ontario Museum
= Read-only Memory
RPS = Rock Paper Scissors - check out my new game
RTG = Rubber-tired gantry (from The Wire season 2 - a port term)
RVG = Rudy Van Gelder (one of the greatest sound engineers in jazz, at Blue Note records)
RWF = real-world friends {courtesy of Paul Carr}

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