Tuesday, 9 June 2009



JAG = Judge Advocate General
JCB = J.C.Bamford (founder of the world's 3rd largest construction equipment manufacturer)
JCC = Jewish Claims Conference (compensation for Nazi theft)
JIC = Joint Intelligence Committee
JIT = Just in Time
JKG = John Kenneth Galbraith
JLC = Justin Lee Collins {courtesy of Top Gear}
JLR = Jaguar-Land Rover (poster boy of UK export industry July 2012)
JO'C = Joseph O'Connor, Irish writer whose recent novel Ghost Light focuses on JMS
JMS = John Millington Synge, Irish playwright
JPF = Judean People's Front
JSG = the Jewish Socialists’ Group
JTG = Jump the Gun - Mod shop in Brighton
JLR = Jaguar Land Rover
JPG = Jean-Paul Gautier [Paris 9/18] 
JYC = Jewish Youth Club (East Finchley) where David Bowie played one of his first gigs


KBH = Kenmare Bay Hotel, Kerry
KBO = Keeping Buggering On [Churchill via John Bercow - summarising an attitude of resilience]
KBS = Kick Bollock & Scramble (technical film production term)
KCL = King's College, London {Kermode and Mayo Film Review}
KFC = Kentucky Fried Chicken
KGB = Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti
KIA = Killed in Action
KoT = Kids of Today {courtesy of David Hepworth of The Word}
KPS = Kosovo Police School {courtesy of Practical Psychologist}
KTN = Knowledge Transfer Network {courtesy of TSB courtesy of DTI}
KGB = Komitjet Gosudarstvjennoj Bjezopasnosti / Committee for State Security + Knowledge Generation Bureau (owners of 118 118)


LAD = Left Anterior Descending (heart surgery)
LAE = line against enquiry {courtesy of Justine Bower, Channel 4 Press}
LBE = Location-based Event (immersive media)
LCA = Lifecycle Assessment [architecture, product design]
LCN = London Centre for Nanotechnology at UCL (University College, London)
= Liverpool Care Pathway (an approach to caring for the dying)
= London College of Printing (where my mum learned graphic design)
LDA = The League of Democrats against Aggression [Mr Standfast, John Buchan]
LDL = Low Density Lipo-protein
LDM = Life Defining Moment {courtesy of Practical Psychologist from his new book}
LFO = Low-Frequency Oscillator {courtesy of Not from Concentrate}
LGR = London Greek Radio (coming to you live&direct from North Finchley)
LSD = Light Space and Drawers [from Skins, when Chris was learning the ropes as a trainee estate agent]
LBB = London Borough of Barnet
LBD = Little Black Dress
LBJ = Lyndon Baines Johnson (US President)
= laugh out loud
= Loyal Orange Lodge as in this Thought
= lots of love
= Late Onset Lesbianism {via Rachel Johnson}
LOM = Lady Ottoline Morrell (A Crisis of Brilliance, David Haycock)
LCT = Luxury Car Tuning {courtesy of spam}
LTS = Long Term Solution {courtesy of Daily Networker}
LTZ = Less than Zero, a novel by BEE = Brett Easton Ellis
LCC = London Cats Club, a Flickr group I just noticed with one member (go on, help her out)
LCN = London Centre for Nanotechnology, part of UCL
LHC = Large Hadron Collider [8 Sep 08 to mark the start of a grand experiment]
LFB = London Fire Brigade
LFW = London Fashion Week (starts today 21/09/09)
LHR = London Heathrow
LBV = Late Bottled Vintage (port)
LKP = Last Known Position [11/3/14 missing Malaysian airliner]
LRP = Liquidity Replenishment Points (international finance)
LSA = Laser Sweat Ablation (as featured on Embarrassing Bodies)
LSG = the Left Student Group (A Week in December - Sebastian Faulks)
LSU = La Sainte Union, a school in Parliament Hill, North London, known to local schoolboys as Local Sluts Unit
LAF = London Architecture Festival 
LBB = Late-blooming Boy (college applications)
LEO = Lyons Electronic Office
LIC = Local Improvements Committee (St Agnes)
LLA = London Luton Airport
LRA = Lord’s Resistance Army
LOC = Leaders in Oncology Care
LoD = Line of Duty (BBC TV)
LSD = love sex & drugs (ASAP Rocky) 


MAH = Musee d'Art et d'Histoire (Geneva) which is near the MHE = Musee de l'Horlogerie et de l'Emaillerie
MBW = Mr Brainwash (Thierry Guetta) as featured in Banksy's film Exit through the Gift Shop {courtesy of Keo Films} payback time for Andy Warhol
MDT = Mobile Data Terminal {Michael Connelly, The Black Box}
MER = Middle East Record
MEW = Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Ramona in Scott Pilgrim)
MFA = Master of Fine Arts
MFD = Multi-Function Devices for printing, copying and scanning
MCA = Music Corporation of America
MCG = Melbourne Cricket Ground
MNF = Monday Night Football of the NFL variety
MIA = Missing in Action
MIC = Made in Chelsea
MIP = Meet in person {courtesy of Not from Concentrate}
MMA = Mixed Martial Arts
MNF = Monday Night Football
MNU = Multi-National United (District 9)
MoM = Milk of Magnesia
MOR = Middle of the Road
MoS = The Mail on Sunday (who damaged England's 2018 World Cup bid for their own greedy ends 5.10)
= Metropolitan Police Authority
= Marine Protected Area
MCZ = Marine Conservation Zone as featured in Hugh's Fish Fight 2
= Monetary Policy Committee of the BoE
= Main Press Centre (London Olympics 2012)
MPD = The Million Pound Drop (Channel 4 programme)
MPT = Movement Poise Thrill {courtesy of Body Data Space}
MPU = Mid Page Unit [i knew what they were - flat ad spaces within the editorial content of websites - but had never heard what it stood for]
MRA = the Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Agatha Christie)
= Manchester Royal Infirmary {Ambulance}
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (medical imaging technique)
MSC = Marine Stewardship Council
MSM = Mainstream (offline) Media
MTR = Mountaintop Removal {Freedom, Jonathan Franzen}
MDC = Movement for Democratic Change [who probably should be running Zimbabwe at this point]
Milk Development Council
MTS = Medium Term Solution {courtesy of Daily Networker}
MAV = Mothers Against Violence as featured in Secret Millionaire (series 3 episode 1 5/8/08 )
MAC = Motorised Ambulance Convoy [Christopher Landon: Ice Cold in Alex]
MJQ = Modern Jazz Quartet (inspired by listening to Joe Locke {courtesy of Tom Marcello})
MHQ = Mission Head Quarters {courtesy of Practical Psychologist, just back from a stint with the UN)
MAP = Membership Action Plan (what Georgia & Ukraine need to get into NATO 12.08 )
MLF = Martha Lane Fox (Channel 4 Non-Exec, fellow member of the C4 EAB = Education Advisory Board)
MPF = Multiplatform Commissioner (Channel 4)
MRI = Manchester Royal Infirmary {Ambulance}
MRC = Medical Research Council {courtesy of Daniel Glaser, Wellcome Trust}
MTP = My Tiny Plot (which I came across while working on Medicine Chest)
MVP = Most Valuable Player - from NBA via CNN (Lebron James is 08-09 MVP)
MVT = Multivariate Testing
M5S = Five Star Movement (Italy)
MBS = Mohammed bin Salman (crown prince of Saudi Arabia)
MGH = Massachusetts General Hospital
MLS = Major League Soccer
MOI = Ministry of Information (wartime Britain)
MPD = Multiple Personality Disorder - see also DID {Upping Your Ziggy}
= Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
= Mayer’s-Ganze-Mispochen
MRP = Mouvement Républicain Populaire (Christian Deomcrat 1940s) aka Machine à Ramasser les Pétainistes (Le Canard Enchaîné)
MRU = Mobile Radar Unit {V2 - Robert Harris} 


= National Audit Office 'Helping the nation spend wisely'
= National Organization of Women
NRC = National register of Citizens (India - Dec 2019)
NEA = National Endowment for the Arts, not to be confused with DEA
Near Field Communication (as in NFC business cards)
= National Football Centre {Trevor Brooking}
= Not from Concentrate
= National Football Conference
NFL = National Football League
NHL = National Hockey League
NHI = No Humans Involved
NBA = National Basketball Association
NGC = National Geographic Channel
NHT = Notting Hill Tories (incl. David Cameron, George Osborne, Ed Vaizey)
NIB = News in Brief {courtesy of Vicky Powell, Channel 4 Press Office - used as a verb "he will NIB it in the magazine"}
NIE = National Intelligence Estimate - US spy agencies report {My Promised Land, A. Shavit}
NIS = New Israeli Shekel (currency unit)
NMA = New Media Age (mag)
NoW = New of the World (hacks in many senses including the telephonic)
NTC = National Transitional Council (Libya 22.viii.11)
= No to Knives {courtesy of Royal Armouries}
= Need to Know {courtesy of Dave Green}
NGA = Next Generation Access {Broadband Stakeholders' Group}
NCA = News and Current Affairs {courtesy of Jon Rowlands, Renegade Pictures}
NCL = Non-Communist Left {Sweet Tooth}
NCR = North Circular Road - see TCR
NLA = New London Architecture - the centre for London's built environment
NQR = Not Quite Right [commonly used on doctors' notes - from The Guardian: Medical Shorthand 8.2.08]
NFI - no fucking idea
NGI = Next Generation Internet
NSA = National Security Agency
NSC = National Security Council
NSF = National Security Files
NSU - Non-Specific Urethritis (" ’the clap’ to you and me" - courtesy of Practical Psychologist)
NID = Naval Intelligence Division (For Your Eyes Only James Bond exhibition at the Imperial War Museum 1.6.08 )
NCT = National Car Test, the Irish MOT + National Childbirth Trust
NFI - No Fucking Invite {courtesy of Ed Baker at the video dictionary Wordia} ("when you don't get invited to a party/gig - and all your friends have been invited" - 'I've been NFI'd')
NED = Non-Executive Director {courtesy of Martha Lane Fox aka MLF} + unruly layabout youth (Scottish, most likely derived from acronym for 'non-educated delinquent' according to The Septic's Companion)
NCM = Needy Child Man, a difficult type to be in a relationship with {courtesy of Sara Haq, photographer}
NVA = National Vigilance Association (who objected to Jacob Epstein's Maternity) {courtesy of art critic Richard Cork}
NWA = Niggers With Attitude
NYE = New Year's Eve {courtesy of Alex Proud}
NCC = New Creation Church (Newquay)
NCR = National Cash Register (Dayton, Ohio)
NPL = National Physical Lab
NPR = National Public Radio
NTR = Nothing to Report (military) {A Long Night in Paris}

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